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About Turning Ideas into Reality

Who We Are

Previously known as Information Technology Club, the Infocomm Club @ Hillgrove was started in 2009 as part of the Infocomm Clubs Programme initiated and co-funded by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). Working with our vendor, Elchemi, our students are trained to do animation, video and audio editing, preparing them for National Schools Podcasting Competition, Digital Music Competition and Schools Digital Media Awards Competition. Elchemi is coaching our students using the Macintosh platform. All these excite our pupils as it introduces them to new possibilities of using ICT using the Macintosh platforms to express their ideas creatively, and allows them to gain technical expertise in the ICT sector.


Infocomm Club has played an important role in assisting our school in the field of publicity for the past two years. Our students were tasked to take on roles of designers for posters, banners or tickets for school events like the launch of Wireless@Hillgrove and the Cyberwellness Awareness Campaign, as well as the recent Hillgrove Graduation Night. Opportunities were given to showcase their creativity especially in the conceptualization of the designs and multimedia skills in area of photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. At the same time, students could learn to be more aware of issues pertaining to Cyberwellness and develop pride in making significant contribution to the school.

Media Production

Infocomm Club has a team of competent students trained to capture many important moments of our school major events through the use of advanced high definition video cameras equipped with lens switching capability. The same team of students is conversant with the editing skills to finalize their video with the best effects using Final Cut Pro & iMovie before showcasing via our YouTube account. You can find the latest videos uploaded to our YouTube channel.


With social media making a huge difference in our lives, Infocomm Club has decided to extend our reach and thus, creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account as well as an Instagram account. Our recent and upcoming activities such as competitions, new videos or events are then posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for people to follow and catch up on.

Committee 2013

Jericho Chua Wei Quan

The president of Infocomm Club in 2013.

Jericho Chua Wei Quan

Nur Iman

The vice president of Infocomm Club in 2013.

Nur Iman

Derrick Tan Wei Xuan

The vice president of Infocomm Club in 2013.

Derrick Tan Wei Xuan

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

–Bill Gates

2014 Committee

Coming soon…